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Brass, Bronze and Copper Alloys: Sheet, Plate, Pipe, Tube, Rod and Bar


     C10100 Oxygen Free Electronic Copper
     C10200 Oxygen Free Copper
     C11000 (CDA 110 / Cu-ETP) Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper
     C12000 Phosphorus Deoxidized Cu (Ag)
     C12200 Phosphorus - Deoxidized, High Residual Phosphorus Copper
     C14500 Tellurium Copper (Deoxidized Grades)
     C15000 Zirconium Copper
     C16200 Cadmium Copper
     C16500 Cadmium Tin Copper
     C17200 Beryllium Copper
     C17300 Leaded Beryllium Copper
     C17500 Beryllium Copper
     C17510 Beryllium Copper
     C18000 Copper Chromium Nickel Silicon
     C18150 Copper Chromium Zirconium
     C18200 Chromium Copper
     C19140 Low Leaded Nickel Copper
     C19160 Leaded Nickel Copper
     C21000 Gilding Brass
     C22000 Commercial Bronze
     C22600 Jewelry Bronze
     C23000 Red Brass
     C23400 Red Brass Welding Filler Metal
     C24000 Low Brass
     C26000 Cartridge Brass "70%"
     C27000 Yellow Brass
     C27200 Yellow Brass "63.5%"
     C27400 Yellow Brass "63%"
     C28000 Muntz Metal "60%"
     C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronze
     C31600 Comm Ni Bronze
     C34500 High Leaded Brass "64%"
     C35200 Dezincification Resistant Machine Brass (Arsenical)
     C36000 (CDA 360 / CuZn36Pb3) - Free Machining Brass / Free Cutting Brass
     C37700 Forging Brass
     C38000 Leaded Brass
     C38500 Architectural Bronze
     C44300 Admiralty Brass
     C46200 Naval Brass - Cold Heading (Wire)
     C46400 Naval Brass (Unin)
     C48200 Naval Brass "Medium Lead"
     C48200 Naval Brass Md Ld
     C48500 Naval Brass Hi Ld
     C48600 Dezincification Resistant Forging Brass (Arsenical)
     C50700 Tin Bronze / Signal Bronze
     C51000 Phos Bronze
     C52100 Phos Bronze
     C52400 Phos Bronze
     C53400 Phos Bronze
     C54400 Phos Bronze
     C61000 Aluminum Bronze
     C61300 Aluminum Bronze
     C61400 Aluminum Bronze
     C61800 Aluminum Bronze
     C62300 Aluminum Bronze
     C62400 Aluminum Bronze
     C62500 Aluminum Bronze
     C63000 Nickel Al Bronze
     C63020 Ni Aluminum Bronze
     C63200 Ni Aluminum Bronze
     C63400 Aluminum Bronze
     C63600 Si Al Bronze
     C64200 Al Si Bronze
     C64210 Silicon Al Bronze
     C64700 Nickel Silicon Bronze
     C65100 Low Silicon Bronze
     C65300 Silicon Bronze
     C65500 Hi Silicon Bronze
     C65600 Everdur 656
     C65610 Silicon Bronze
     C65620 Silicon Bronze
     C66100 Silicon Bronze
     C67300 Manganese Bronze
     C67310 Manganese Bronze
     C67400 Manganese Bronze
     C67410 Manganese Bronze
     C67420 Manganese Bronze
     C67500 Manganese Bronze
     C67600 Manganese Bronze
     C68700 Aluminum Brass
     C69400 Silicon Red Brass
     C69430 Red Silicon Brass
     C70600 Cupro Nickel
     C71500 Cupro Nickel
     C75200 Nickel Silver
     C79200 Leaded Ni Silver
     C79300 Leaded Nickel Silver
     C83600 Leaded Red Brass 85-5-5-5
     C84400 Leaded Semi-Red Brass
     UZ19AL6 Aircraft Bronze
     101 Cu OFE: ASTM-F-68
     102 Cu: ASTM-B-42, ASTM-B-152
     110 Cu ETP: ASTM-B-3, ASTM-B-101, ASTM-B-152, ASTM-B-157
     112 Cu: ASTM-B-42, ASTM-B-75, ASTM-B-88, ASTM-B-280
     145 Cu Tellurium: ASTM-B-301
     Beryllium Cu: ASTM-B-196, AMS 4533 Alloy 25
     RWMB Alloys: ASTM-B-196, ASTM-B-534, ASTM-B-301
     210 Gilding Brass: ASTM-B-36
     220 Commercial Bronze: ASTM-B-36
     230 Red Brass: ASTM-B-36, ASTM-B43
     260 Yellow Brass: ASTM-B-19, ASTM-B-36, ASTM-B-135
     330, 345, 353: ASTM-B-121, ASTM-B-135, ASTM-B-453
     360 Brass Rod: ASTM-B-16
     365 Muntz Metal: ASTM-B-171
     380 Architectural Bzone: ASTM-B-455
     1100-0, 1100-H14: AMS 4001, AMS 4003, QQ-A-250/1
     464 485L Naval Bronze: ASTM-B-21, ASTM-B-171
     510 521 544 Phosphor Bronze: ASTM-B-103, ASTM-B-139
     706 715 Cu Ni Alloys: ASTM-B-111, ASTM-B-151
     752 770 792 Ni-Silver: ASTM-B122, ASTM-B-151, ASTM-B-206
     Bronzes: ASTM-B-22, ASTM-B-124, ASTM-B138, ASTM-B-150, ASTM-B-271  
     Bronzes: ASTM-B-505, ASTM-B584, ASTM-B-151  


Refactory Alloy Metals

Molybdenum: AMS 7817, AMS 7918, AMS 7919

Tantalum: AMS 7846, AMS 7847, AMS 7848, AMS 7849, ASTM-B-708

Niobium: AMS 7850, AMS 7851, AMS 7852, AMS 7853, AMS 7854, AMS 7855, AMS 7857

Tungsten: AMS 7878, AMS 7879, AMS 7880, AMS 7881, AMS 7882, AMS 7883, AMS 7884

AMS 7885, AMS 7886, AMS 7887, AMS 7888, AMS 7889, AMS 7890, AMS 7897, AMS 7898

Beryllium: AMS 7904, AMS 7910

Zirconium: ASTM-B-550, ASTM-B-551, ASTM-B-493, ASTM-B-523, ASTM-B-658


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  California Metal & Supply Inc. ISO9001:2000 & AS9100 Certified Company, Founded 1984
Titanium, Aluminum, Inconel & 4130

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