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2219 Aluminum Alloy
AMS 4066, AMS 4068
UNS A92219

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2219 Aluminum Data Sheet
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California Metal & Supply is a leading supplier of quality
2219 Aluminum Sheet, 2219 Aluminum Plate, 2219 Aluminum Bar.

Aluminum 2219 has good machinability and good mechanical properties. Aluminum 2219 is an age-hardenable copper containing alloy of aluminum.

Aluminum 2219 Applications: Aluminum 2219 is typically used in high temperature, structural applications and in high strength elements.

Aluminum 2219 Specifications: UNS A92219, Aluminum 2219, 2219 Alloy, 2219 Aluminum Alloy, AA2219, AL 2219, AA 2219 Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum 2219 Available Forms: 2219 Aluminum Sheet, 2219 Aluminum Plate, 2219 Aluminum Bar

2219 Aluminum Sheet, 2219 Aluminum Plate

ASTM-B-316, MIL-A-46118, MIL-A-46808, MIL-A-8920, ASTM-B-209, ASTM-B-211, ASTM-B-221 (Plate)
Temper: 2219-0, 2219-T31, 2219-T81, 2219-T37, 2219-T87
2219-T351, 2219-T851
Bare: QQ-A-250/30, AMS 4031
Clad: AMS 4094, AMS 4095, AMS 4096, DMS-1719, BMS-7-110
2219-T851 Aluminum Plate Per AMS-QQ-A250/3


We are a certified distributor of Aluminum 2219 alloy in sheets, plates, pipes, and tubing in various specifications.

2219 Aluminum Pipe

ASTM-B-241 (Seamless pipe)

2219 Aluminum Tube

AMS 4066, AMS 4068

2219 Aluminum Material Properties

ASTM-B-247 (Open Die Forging), QQ-A-367 (Open Die Forging), QQ-A-430 (Rivet, Wire and Rod)

Chemical Composition Limits

Weight % Al Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Others


Bal 0.20 max 0.30 max 5.80-6.80 0.20-0.40

0.02 max

0.10 max


0.050 ea 

0.15 Total



In the annealed condition this alloy is readily machined. It is more difficult to machine in any of the heat treated conditions, which is the condition in which most machining is actually done. Use of oil base lubrication is advised for all machining operations.


The alloy may be readily formed by conventional methods. However there are precautions in regard to hot forming - see "Hot Working".


Welding heat input affects the corrosion resistance of this alloy in an adverse manner. Thus any welding should be followed by a repeat heat treatment to restore corrosion resistance. Resistance welding and inert gas welding may be used with precautions to avoid strain cracking upon cooling. Alloy 2219 is best for a filler rod.

Heat Treatment

Solution heat treatment is done at 1000 F followed by a cold water quench (T4 condition).


Hot forging may be done providing the finished product is given the aging heat treatment to restore corrosion resistance.

Hot Working

Hot working should be avoided unless it is feasible to give the finished product the aging heat treatment after all hot working is done. Otherwise the corrosion resistance will be adversely affected.

Cold Working

Cold working by conventional means is readily accomplished.


Solution annealing is done at 1000 F for adequate time to allow thorough heating, followed by a cold water quench.


The alloy is aged at 375 F, after first doing the solution anneal at 1000 F and water quench, for varying time. For product forms such as forgings the 375 F aging is for 18 hours and for sheet, or plate (up to 2" thick) it is 375 F for 36 hours followed by air cooling in each instance.


This alloy is hardened (strengthened) by an aging heat treatment or by controlled cold working from the solution annealed condition. See "Heat Treatment" and "Aging".

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