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This is for reference only. Most items can be supplied but we do not stock all the items on the floor.

  BMS Spec.

 13-8MO, PH13-8MO Cres Bars, Forging Stock, Forgings and Extrusions
BMS7-364  Custom 465 Corrosion Resistant Steel Bars, Wire, Forgings (UNS S46500)
BMS7-26  4340M (300M) Steel Bars, Forging Stock
BMS7-27  4330M Steel Bars, Forging Stock & Tubing
BMS7-28  4340 Steel Bars, Rods and Forging Stock
BMS7-182  HP9-4-30 Steel Bars, Forging Stock and Mechanical Tubing, 9NI-4CO
BMS7-186  7075-T7351 Aluminum Alloy Forgings
BMS7-247  6Al-4 Titanium Forgings
BMS7-260  10V-2Fe-3Al Titanium Forged Block, Bars and Die Forgings, BMS7-260H
BMS7-122  4330M Consumable Electrode Vaccum Arc Re-melted Steel (AMS 6411)
BMS7-323  7050 Aluminum Alloy Plate, High Strength Fatigue Tolerant, Stress Resistant


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