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Value Added Services

Offering customer focused services that cut production cost to a minimum. Whether it be cut to length, rough machining, heat treating, sonic testing, tube redrawing, material slitting, or just a quick turnaround time, we stand ready to accommodate your individual material requirement.

* Cut to Length ( Longer than 144" long avaialble)

* Sheet Slitting, Shearing and Leveling

* PVC Sheet Coating on Sheets

* Centerless Grinding & I.D. Honing, Deep Hole Drilling

* O.D. and I.D. Cleaning

* Tube Re-Draw Services to your specification

* Trepanning

* Surface Grinding, Double Disk Grinding

* Gun Drilling & Honing

* Heat Treating & Aging Services

* Annealing, Normalizing, Quench & Temper

* Stress Releive

* Plasma Cutting, Flame Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Precision Saw Cutting

* Blanchard Griding, Deburring, Rollforming

* Threading, Welding







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