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Aluminum 7050 has very high mechanical properties, high fracture toughness, along with a high resistance to exfoliation and stress corrosion cracking.

Applications: Aluminum 7050 is typically used in aircraft structural parts.

Specifications: UNS A97050


We are a certified distributor of Aluminum 7050 alloy in sheets, plates, bars, and tubing in various specifications.

7050 Aluminum Plate: 7050 Grade

Temper: 7050-0, 7050-T451, 7050-T7651

Bare: AMS 4050, AMS 4201, DMS-2233, BMS 7-323

7050-T7451 Aluminum Plate Per AMS 4050 with USI BAC5439 Class A

Mill: Alcoa, Kaiser, Alcan

7050 Aluminum Bar: 7050 Grade

Temper: 7050-T74511, 7050-T73511, 7050-T76511

Specification: AMS 4340, AMS 4341, AMS 4342

Chemical Composition Limits


Weight % Al Zr Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Each Total
Minimum 87.3 0.08 - - 2.0 - 1.9 - 5.7 - - -
Maximum 90.3 0.15 0.12 0.15 2.6 0.10 2.6 0.04 6.7 0.06 0.05 0.15


The 7050 alloy may be readily formed in either the O temper or the heat treated condition.


Welding of 7050 alloy is a problem and should be avoided. Gas tungsten or gas metal arc welding is NOT successful with this alloy. Weld cracking and porosity usually result and any weld joint that is made is much weaker than the parent metal.

Heat Treatment

Solution heat treat at 890 F. Time at temperature is dependent upon section thickness and the producer of the alloy should be consulted on this as well as quenching rate.


The alloy may be forged. However no data is available without consulting the alloy source.

Hot Working

As with Forging the 7050 alloy may be hot worked but no data is available except from the alloy producer.

Cold Working

The alloy may be cold formed by conventional means. However bend radii should be generous.


A 2 stage heat treatment is used for aging this alloy. First heat to 250 F for 3 to 6 hours (depending on section size) and follow that with 325 F for 15 hours then air cool.


Hardens only by precipitation heat treatment. See "Aging".

Other Physical Props

Electrical conductivity 40% of copper.

Please call 800-707-6061 or fax RFQs to 800-707-3439.  We will get back to you ASAP. Thanks.





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