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Job Openings

Join the great metal company in Los Angeles, California. Please send your resume to sales department at job@CaliforniaMetal.com and we will contact you to set up an interview if you are qualified.

Inside Sales / Office Assistant

1. Job Qualifications
Candidate must be computer literate and possess strong written and verbal communication skills. Candidate must be able to multitask in a moderately paced working environment. Candidate must be friendly, outgoing, and customer orientated.

Candidate must have strong working knowledge of Ms Word along with the ability to compose standard business letters. Candidate must have strong working knowledge of Ms Excel and QuickBooks accounting software. Metal business or industrial product distribution business experience preferred. Associates degree or higher preferred.

2. Job Description

Daily tasks includes: Responding to telephonic and electronic customer material inquiries. Producing written and verbal price quotations for emailed and phoned customer inquiries. Scheduling, billing, and processing phoned and emailed customer orders for shipment or pickup. Other administrative tasks will be assigned as necessary.


Please send your resume to Human Resources department at job@CaliforniaMetal.com






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